Delve into southeast Asia’s multi-faceted wonders, with a series of discovery tours, a mystical cruise along the Mekong River and a sumptuous beachfront haven stay.

Travel to Cambodia and embark on an adventure down the Mekong River to Vietnam. Enjoy a two-night, five-star hotel stay in Siem Reap at Borei Angkor Resort & Spa and an experience an enthralling tour of Angkor Wat.

Embark the Mekong Navigator for an all-inclusive river cruise along the mystical waterways of the Mekong River. Perhaps the world’s most fascinating river cruise, this journey will capture your imagination and inspire your memories for years to come.

Cruise over the border between Cambodia and Vietnam, and witness another world of ancient temples and pagodas, Buddhist monasteries and busy port towns with colourful bustling markets, fishing farms and villages, passing hidden villages, magical jungles and towering mountains along the way.

Disembarking in Mỹ Tho, you’ll transfer transfer to Phan Thiết for a phenomenal luxury three-night beachfront hotel stay at Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa, gifting you the chance to relax and recuperate ahead of your return flight home.

In Ho Chi Minh City, a final two-night hotel stay will reveal this modern metropolis with a high-octane zest for life. Visit the Cù Chi Tunnels, unlocking a historical narrative that led to northern Vietnam’s  success during the war.


Mekong Navigator

Step into a bygone era of charming and nostalgic sophistication enhanced by luxurious modern amenities on board Lotus’ luxurious Mekong Navigator. On board you’ll find an expansive sun deck, atmospheric dining room and a lounge area complete with a bar, library, internet lounge and fitness centre with a spa. Luxuriate on board as this phenomenal vessel transports you downstream whilst your every need is taken care of. 



The casual yet elegant Le Marche restaurant offers an on-board gastronomic journey featuring regional and western dishes with complimentary wine pairings. 



Visit La Vie spa, to relax after a day’s exploration with an array of aromatherapy treatments, body wraps and massages. 


Sun Deck

Wind down and watch the world go by from the comfort of the Sun Deck’s shaded sun loungers. Savour a freshly squeezed juice at sunrise to kickstart your day or watch a colourful sunset dance across the river over a cocktail. 

Your 13 Night Holiday Includes

Day 1

21 March 2025

Your holiday begins in Cambodia, where you’ll transfer to Siem Reap for a two-night luxury hotel stay

Arriving in Cambodia, you’ll transfer to Siem Reap for your first hotel stay at Borei Angkor Resort & Spa. Gateway to the temples of Angkor, Siem Reap, the nation’s former capital, is the most prosperous region of contemporary Cambodia. 

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa 

At Borei Angkor Resort & Spa, your stay is carefully curated to exemplify the historic customs of the Royal Angkor Empire enveloped in modern-day five-star luxuries. Located centrally in Siem Reap, you’ll also find a multitude of wonders almost directly on your doorstep.

bell  Overnight: Borei Angkor Resort & Spa

Day 2

22 March 2025

Be spellbound by the world’s largest temple, UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat

Today you’ll visit ‘the big city’ of Angkor Thom. A city that magically appears seemingly out of nowhere, here you’ll admire the immense curious smiling faces carved into stone at the Bayon Temple. Next, you’ll travel to Baphuon, an 11th century temple mountain and admire the Terrace of Elephants. You’ll then continue to the Terrace of the Leper King, covered by magnificent Apsara sculptures. Come afternoon you’ll visit Angkor Wat, the world’s largest temple. Beautiful both up-close and afar, admire the corncob towers rising majestically and marvel at the stunning intricacy of this example of architectural grandeur followed by Ta Prohm, a temple swallowed by tropical nature.

plate2  Meals Included: Breakfast

bell  Overnight: Borei Angkor Resort & Spa

Day 3

23 March 2025


Experience the magic of the Mekong River as you begin your seven-night luxury river cruise

Today you’ll journey from Siem Reap to Kampong Cham to join the Lotus’ elegant Mekong Navigator for a luxurious cruise along the almighty Mekong, southeast Asia’s greatest river. As your downstream journey commences, you’ll experience five-star cordial hospitality and settle into your luxurious surroundings. In the evening, you’ll savour a Cambodian themed dinner served in the Le Marche Dining Room, offering a cultural and innovative introduction to native cuisine. 

plate2  Meals Included: All-Inclusive Board Basis

bell  Overnight: Mekong Navigator

Days 4 - 5

24 - 25 March 2025

Stop by Wat Rokakong before visiting Phnom Penh, where you’ll begin to uncover Cambodia’s history

You’ll enjoy an overnight in port in Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, first visiting the Choeung Ek Killing Fields where you’ll find out about Cambodia’s heart-wrenching history. Next, you’ll visit the small museum and Buddhist memorial stupa, learning about the atrocities committed during the Pol Pot’s regime followed by the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, a former school that was converted to the main prison and torture headquarters of the Khmer Rouge. Your afternoon will then be spent as you wish, with an opportunity to take a coach to the central markets of Phnom Penh.  

plate2  Meals Included: All-Inclusive Board Basis

bell  Overnight: Mekong Navigator

Day 6

26 March 2025

Make the most of your lavish surroundings as your river cruise crosses the border from Cambodia into Vietnam

Relax and enjoy a morning of leisure on the sundeck or at the wonderful La Vie spa as your vessel sails downstream towards the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. Here you’ll observe a fascinating transformation in the riverfront’s architecture and landscapes. Exciting cultural activities will take place on board. 

plate2  Meals Included: All-Inclusive Board Basis

bell  Overnight: Mekong Navigator

Day 7

27 March 2025

Savour a visit to Long Khánh Island and charming Mỹ An Hưng A

You’ll first be taken by traditional sampans to the local island village of Hồng Ngự in the Mekong Delta close to the Cambodia-Vietnam border. Here, a large number of traditional Khmer scarves are woven in many village homes. You’ll have the opportunity to watch the weaving process which has been passed down generations and marvel stunning examples of embroidery art. Before returning to the sampans, you’ll stroll around the beautiful evergreen island, stopping at the home of a local war veteran. 

Following lunch on board, you’ll visit the charming evergreen village of Mỹ An Hưng A, and walk through the verdant village, interacting with villagers and enjoying fresh coconut in the garden. A local family will then invite you for honey tea and fruit backdropped by “don ca tai tu” folk music, followed by an impressive VOVINAM Vietnam Martial Arts performance. 

plate2  Meals Included: All-Inclusive Board Basis

bell  Overnight: Mekong Navigator

Day 8

28 March 2025

Travelling further through Vietnam, another day of adventure awaits

Today you’ll visit the historic town of Sa Đéc, stopping should the water allow at Cao Đài Temple. Next, you’ll visit the former home of Mr. Huỳnh Thuỷ Lê, the inspiration for Marguerite Duras’ famous novel, L’Amant, as well as visiting the Chinese Temple, Kiến An Cung, built in honour of the Huỳnh Thuỷ Lê Family. You’ll then sail to Cái Bè where you’ll journey through its tapestry of waterways by sampan, passing a colourful collection of local boats. A stop will then be made to visit Ba Duc Ancient House, a traditional Vietnamese home and garden. You’ll then journey through the canals by sampan to reach a traditional rice factory where industrious artisans produce rice paper, rice wine and popped rice. 

plate2  Meals Included: All-Inclusive Board Basis

bell  Overnight: Mekong Navigator

Days 9 - 11

29 - 31 March 2025

Disembark and relish a fabulous three-night hotel stay on Phan Thiết’s charming beachfront

Transferring to the seaside town of Phan Thiết, you’ll delight in a three-night beach stay at the luxurious Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa. Famous for its palm-fringed beaches, red and white sand dunes and its Mũi Né coastline.  

Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa 

Your five-star beachfront stay exudes elegance and Vietnamese charm. You’ll find 10 kilometres of stretching golden beach on your doorstep making this the ultimate resort getaway for your fill of tropical bliss.   

plate2  Meals Included: Breakfast

bell  Overnight: Anantara Mui Ne Resort

Day 12

1 April 2025

Following a sumptuous breakfast, you’ll transfer to Ho Chi Minh City for a two-night hotel stay

Transfer to Ho Chi Minh City. A sparkling, vibrant metropolis which has budded from French colonialism and bloomed into a city of contrasts, this is where your adventure continues with a two-night stay at the Grand Hotel Saigon. 

Wander down Le Duan Boulevard towards Reunification Palace, where you’ll find opulent halls, a gambling room and even a private movie theatre, stroll through colourful Chợ Lớn, the city’s Chinatown, or visit Nghĩa An Hội Quán, a fascinating temple known for its detailed interiors. 

plate2  Meals Included: Breakfast

bell  Overnight: Grand Hotel Saigon

Day 13

2 April 2025

Delve into Vietnam’s history and culture with a tour of the Củ Chi Tunnels

Today you’ll enjoy a fully escorted tour exploring the historic Cù Chi tunnels, a labyrinth of underground passages that were paramount to the success of the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War. Discover hidden trapdoors, secret kitchens and compact living areas all under the jungle floor. At the end of the tour, you’ll have the chance to taste a culinary specialty of Cù Chi, khoai mì luộc, a Vietnamese dish eaten daily during the war. 

plate2  Meals Included: Breakfast

bell  Overnight: Grand Hotel Saigon

Day 14

3 April 2025

Your magical holiday complete, it’s now time to fly home

Today marks the end of your unforgettable holiday; you’ll transfer to the airport for your flight home. As you journey home, you’ll have ample opportunity to reflect on the wondrous experiences you have had, ready to retell to loved ones. 

plate2  Meals Included: Breakfast

Luxury Hotel Stays

Borei Angkor Resort & Spa

Located in the heart of Siem Reap, Borei Angkor Resort & Spa, provides an opulent stay only minutes away from Siem Reap’s most historical attractions such as the Ryal Residence, Preah Ang Chek Preah Ang Chorm and Angkor National Museum. Providing an ultimate experience centralized around ‘royal Khmer hospitality’, you’ll savour a spellbinding stay steeped in history, tradition and culture.  

Anantara Mui Ne Resort

At the Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa, you’ll experience the ultimate getaway in the realms of pure tropical bliss. A perfect blend of luxury, comfort and modernity, you’ll delight in a stay at one of Vietnam’s best hotels. Mũi Né beach is a marvel, a golden expanse of fine sand that stretches into undulating dunes, and this stunning resort is no exception either. The beachfront infinity pool is the perfect place to spend lazy days, or if you’re looking to be more active, there are cookery classes and yoga on the beach, as well as windsurfing, sailing and snorkelling. 

Grand Hotel Saigon

A colonial-style, luxury hotel in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, The Grand Hotel Saigon overlooks charming historical streets and the Saigon River. Here you’ll enjoy a cozy yet elegant stay, enhanced by a welcoming, warm atmosphere and incredible Vietnamese hospitality. With décor that will take you back to the 1920s, you’re assured an engaging and memorable stay.  

Touring Experiences

Angkor Archaeological Park

As the world’s largest temple, Angkor Wat is a sight to behold. This awe-inspiring temple is beautiful both from afar and close-up; admire the corncob towers rising majestically and marvel at the stunning intricacy as the stones change colour with the altering light of the day. You’ll also visit the fortified city of Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temple, richly decorated with hundreds of stone faces, and atmospheric Ta Prohm, a temple enveloped by the jungle.  

Củ Chi Tunnels

Renowned as one of the most spectacular tunnels in the world, you’ll delight in a fascinating tour of the Cù Chi Tunnels. Created as a defence mechanism during the Vietnam War in 1960, the Cù Chi Tunnels attributed to Vietnam’s eventual succession. Legendary for its tunnels system of over 200 kilometres long, complete with several stories, consisting of innumerable trap doors, constructed living areas, storage facilities, weapons factories, field hospitals, a command centre and kitchens, you’ll travel through history during your time here. 

Your Holiday Summary


Luxury Hotel Stays

  • 2 night hotel stay in Siem Reap at the Borei Angkor Resort & Spa 
  • 2 night stay in Ho Chi Minh City at the Grand Hotel Saigon
  • 3 night hotel stay in Phan Thiet at the Anantara Mui Ne Resort
  • All hotel stays include breakfast

All-Inclusive Cruise

  • 7 night all-inclusive river cruise on board Mekong Navigator
  • Overnight in port in Phnom Penh

Fully Escorted Tours

  • Angkor Wat
  • Củ Chi Tunnels

All Flights and Transfers

  • London departure - regional flights available

Prices From


21 March 2025

Superior Suite


Vista Suite


Signature Suite


Prestige Suite


Grande Suite


Duration: 13 Nights
Itinerary Includes: Siem Reap, Angkor Thom, Wat Hanchey, Angkor Ban, Phnom Penh, Long Khánh Island, Mỹ An Hưng, Sa Đéc, Cái Bè, Phan Thiết, Ho Chi Minh City