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Star Clipper Cruise Lines is a luxury cruise line that offers worldwide sailing adventures in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

The company specialises in tailor-made cruises for couples, families, and small groups across Asia and the Caribbean.

The all-inclusive cruises are designed to be an opportunity to explore the natural wonders of each destination while experiencing superior comfort and service from start to finish.

The company promises an experience unlike any other on one of their 3 ships, offering guests a one-of-a-kind journey filled with stunning views, unforgettable memories, and truly royal hospitality standards.

With more than 50 years of maritime experience under their belt, paired with extensive knowledge of their destinations, Star Clipper Cruise Lines is certain to offer customers an adventure that will stay with them forever.

Star Clippers Cruise Ships

Royal Clipper
The Royal Clipper is a majestic sail-driven ship and the world’s largest square rigged vessel. The colossal Royal Clipper proudly demonstrates nautical excellence for...
Star Clipper
The Star Clipper is a three-masted schooner sailing vessel that was initially inspired by the clipper ships of yesteryear. The ship carries 170 passengers, who are treated ...
Star Flyer
The Star Flyer is the definition of luxury and adventure. From its sleek design to its state-of-the-art amenities, this grand vessel offers guests a once in a lifetime crui...

Star Clipper Cruises FAQs

What Are the Types of Accommodations Available Onboard?

The Star Clipper offers a variety of cabin options including Deluxe suites featuring panoramic windows offering views of both the sea and port cities you pass through throughout your journey.

Other types of accommodations available onboard include Ocean View cabins, with large windows perfect for taking in stunning views, interior cabins, family cabins, and single occupancy.

How Can I Book My Trip?

The booking process is simple — just choose which package option resonates best with you from their list of available packages, check availability on any specific dates that interest you. Next, fill out your details online or via phone to confirm your reservation.

Are there Any Special Offers or Deals Available?

Star Clipper often runs special promotions and offers discounts on select sailings in order to help travellers make their dream vacation come true!

Check our website regularly for new deals and offers – you can get some great deals on Star Clipper Cruises at Imagine Cruising.

What are Some Unique Features That Make a Star Clipper Cruise Unforgettable?

Star Clippers presents unrivalled experiences unlike any other cruise line on earth – think “tall ship sailing” where passengers can hoist sails using pirate-style ropes and take part in an adventure filled with old-fashioned fun.

How Many Ships Do Star Clipper Have?

Star Clipper has 3 unique ships – Royal Clipper, Star Flyer, and their namesake, the Star Clipper.

Is There Wi-Fi Aboard Star Clipper Cruises?

WiFi is available by purchasing a WiFi Card from the Sloop Shop. Alternatively, your emails can be accessed on all 3 ships, which are printed and brought to your cabin for an additional charge.

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