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Centovalli Express

Pass by deep gorges and crevices with glittering, cascading waterfalls, and venture across colourful alpine meadows, over numerous bridges and through vineyards and forests of chestnut trees. The picturesque journey from Domodossola to Locarno takes in 52km of magical landscapes and lush vegetation with numerous stops on the way. Upon arriving in Locarno, on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore, you’ll enjoy some time to embrace the atmospheric surroundings and explore the treasures within. Pay a visit to Madonna del Sasso, a highly decorated Catholic sanctuary overlooking the city, which can be reached by the funicular railway.


Life on board Centovalli Express

Thoroughly modernised in the last few years, the Centovalli Express offers excellent travel comfort with as large panoramic windows for admiring the surrounding countryside.

Off-Train Experiences

The journey takes around two hours from start to finish, travelling 52km of track, spanning two countries, 83 bridges and 31 galleries. Along the way the train will make multiple stops.

  • Domodossola
  • Masera
  • Creggio
  • Trontano
  • Verigo
  • Marone
  • Coimo
  • Gagnone – Orcesco
  • Druogno
  • Buttogno
  • Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Prestinone
  • Zornasco
  • Malesco
  • Villette
  • Re
  • Folsogno – Dissimo
  • Isella – Oglia
  • Ribellasca
  • Camedo
  • Borgnone – Cadanza
  • Palagnedra
  • Verdasio
  • Corcapolo
  • Intragna
  • Cavigliano
  • Verscio
  • Tegna
  • Ponte Brolla
  • San Martino
  • Solduno
  • S. Antonio
  • Locarno

Centovalli Express FAQs

Where does the Centovalli Express route begin and end?

The Centovalli Express trains run between the Italian town of Domodossola to Locarno in Switzerland, and covers 52km.

How long does the journey take?

The journey from Domodossola to Locarno, or the reverse, takes around two hours in total.

Is food included?

No food is not included as part of your fare; however you can purchase snacks and drinks from the refreshment trolley while in Italy or bring your own food and drink on board if you would prefer.

Is there a dress code?

The Centovalli Express does not request a dress code on board. For the winter and early spring, we would recommend warm clothing as the weather can often be very cold.

Do you sleep on the Centovalli Express trip?

No, there are no cabins on board and as it’s a two-hour journey, you will not spend the night on board.

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