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Comprising of carriages that date back to the 1960s, with the interiors being modified for your comfort and enjoyment, the Savannahlander is one of the most unique ways of experiencing some of the most glorious natural wonders of Queensland.

Travelling between Cairns and Forsayth, it offers passengers one of the great rail experiences of the world as it ventures from the coast, up the scenic Kuranda Railway, through lush, Heritage-listed rainforests and across the savannah, deep into outback Australia. Affectionately known as “The Silver Bullet,” it echoes the pace and glamour of a bygone-era, while offering guests an unforgettable experience for those who seek and thrive in adventure.

The partition between the driver and passengers has been removed, allowing you a front view of the tropical landscape as you’re whisked from Mount Surprise to Forsayth.


Savannahlander FAQs

Where does the Savannahlander route begin and end?

The journey departs from Cairns and travels to Forsayth, the train journey also runs in reverse.

How fast does the train travel?

On board the Savannahlander, the joy is truly in the journey. The train travels at a leisurely pace that varies from between 25 and 60 kph.

What station does the Savannahlander leave from?

The Savannahlander departs from Cairns Station, in Cairns Central Shopping Centre, at 6.30 am Wednesday.

How much luggage can I bring on board?

Passengers are kindly asked to limit their luggage to one piece (approximately 20Kg) plus a smaller carry-on bag.

Can you smoke on board?

No, the Savannahlander is a strictly non-smoking service for all types of cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes.  This includes smoking in the toilet area and within 5 meters of the doorways and eating areas.

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